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News for January 2019
Kodiaks 3rd Annual Skills competition!
Sunday February 17th at 5pm(after the Kodiaks 2pm game) stay and watch the skills competition where your Kodiaks will be on the ice with, affiliates and minor hockey players in...

Awards Dinner and NewmanMentalism!
Saturday February 16th at 5:30pm is the Kodiaks awards dinner and entertainment and auction. Come out and see Mentalist Jeff Newman perform as he will leave you speechless! For tickets...

Fountain Tire Skills day!!!
Sunday February 17th! Register early so you are not disappointed! It will be a great day of activities starting at 9am with the Fountain Tire Skills for young kids! Here...

Successful school year!!
Players were in the schools this week and handing out prizes to kids for their hard work in the Cubs Club! Well done kids! The players love visiting the schools...

Trade deadline!
It has been a whirl wind for the past week but things are now settled! First transaction was getting a goaltender when Roddy Ross was called up to the WHL...

Kodiaks acquire Laskosky
Kodiaks acquire Laskosky from Sherwood Park!! We are excited to have Cody as part of the Kodiaks organization. As a coach my goal is to work hard and help Cody get...

Happy Birthday Dylan
Happy Birthday to Dylan Williamson! Have a great day!
Merry Christmas at this time of year!
Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating Christmas at this time of year! Merry Christmas!
Welcome Kyle and the Dumba Family to Camrose!!!
The Camrose Kodiaks have filled their goaltending void with the acquisition of Kyle Dumba from Victoria."We are excited to have Kyle here in Camrose and now it solidifies us in...

T Birds sign Ross!!
It is difficult to see Roddy go but our job is to get players to the next level! Roddy will do well at the next level in the WHL. Remember...

December HWK
Rookie defenseman, Lane Brockhoff has been named as the Hardest Working Kodiak of the Month for December. The 18-year-old was selected as the Hardest Working Kodiak on the December 18th...

Happy Birthday to Carson and Mckenzie Welke!!
A great day to be born! Happy birthday to the Welke brothers: Mckenzie and Carson or Carson and Mckenzie!!!! Happy Birthday!!
Congratulations Kyler !!
Congratulations Kyler and the Kupka family! Great News on January 1st: Kyler Kupka commits to St. Cloud State University NCAA Div 1! Very proud of you Kyler and your hard work and...

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