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News for August 2018
Family Movie Day and BBQ!!!
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Mark this day down!!! FREE movie day!!! Sunday Sept. 16th: 12:30pm BBQ : 2pm Movie: Jumanji Thank you Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Ctr for having the...

New Sky Lounge Seats!!!
Well, because of how popular our skyboxes have been, we created the sky lounge seats! In Sect. Y on the 3rd level, the Kodiaks will be selling four sections individually...

Ice Looks Great!!!!
Thank you to the City of Camrose Staff at the Encana Arena! The ice looks great for the upcoming 2018-19 season! We appreciate the hard work you have put in...

Ray McIsaac Cup!!!
With training camp starting on Friday August 24th, I remember a great man, Mr. Ray McIsaac, miss you Ray. Our annual Ray McIsaac Cup will be handed out on Sunday August...

Happy Birthday Mr. Nesbitt!
Nezy, have a great day on the 13th as you turn 20 years young! Happy Birthday, enjoy it with family and friends!
Camp starts on August 24th!!!
It might be hot out side but it will be heating up inside also starting on the 24th of August! Camp begins with all of the players arriving for check...

Thank you Volunteers!!!!!!
Well: who was cooking sausages? Who was cleaning? Who was making pancakes? Who was cooking eggs? Who set everything up(Thanks Regan and Judy) Ah, yes, the people you never see...

Almost Sold out!!
We have worked hard the past few weeks of July and we have 2 rinkboards left to sell and 2 skylights, that is all that is left for this year!...

BVJ Parade!!!!
BVJ Parade!!! The boys are out enjoying a great day at the parade! Walk a mile in her shoes and #hockey is for everyone ! Coach is proud of the...

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