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Where oh Where...
Posted March 3rd, 2017 @ 1:22 pm

As the Kodiaks finish off the regular season this weekend with back-to-back games in Brooks, travel plans for the opening round of the AJHL playoffs next week still can't be finalized. Heading into the final weekend of the regular season, the Calgary Canucks, Okotoks Oilers and Canmore Eagles are in a three-way, dead heat for the number 2 spot in the South Division, all with 76 points. That means a variety of scenarios are possible.

The Kodiaks will play the Canucks if - 1) Calgary loses to Olds in regulation on Friday and Okotoks earns at least one point from its two remaining games or 2) Calgary loses to Olds in OT, Canmore wins or loses in OT vs Okotoks on Saturday and Okotoks earns at least two points from its two remaining games.

The Kodiaks will play Canmore if - 1) The Eagles lose to Okotoks in regulation on Saturday and Calgary wins or loses in OT to Olds or 2) Canmore loses to Okotoks in OT and Calgary beats Olds.

The Kodiaks will play Okotoks if - 1) The Oilers lose both remaining games in regulation or 2) Okotoks wins vs Calgary Mustangs on Friday night but loses to Canmore in regulation and the Canucks beat Olds.

Whoever is the first round opponent, they will make their way to Encana Arena for game 3 of the best-of-five series on Sunday, March 12th with a possible game four on Monday, March 13th, both at 7pm. Tickets are available at the Kodiaks office or by calling 780-679-2603.

***Playoff ranking shall be determined based on the total number of points in the regular season. If two teams have equal number of points in the regular season, playoff ranking shall be determined based on the following criteria in the following order: (i) most regulation time wins; (ii) most regulation time wins in head-to-head matches; (iii) most wins (including shootout wins) in head-to-head matches; (iv) goals for / goals against differential; and (v) a sudden death game. 

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